Ein Holz-Opti zur Abwechslung – Teil3

Mike Dauda hat sich wieder gemeldet mit weiteren Fotos vom Bau des Optimisten für seinen Sohn.

2 weeks passed since my last post, again quite some things happened and we’re beginning to see the end of our road … it’s really exciting …

  • we managed to carry the hull back up into the attic after the bottom-flat-grinding activity … just before it started raining
  • coating has begun … this is a somewhat time consuming process … not so much in labor time but in wait-for-drying time 😉


two layers of pre-coating + 320grit/wet sanding
and I **love** wet sanding … no dust … no dirt … no changing of sand paper


Two layers of final coating
the 2nd pass was diluted with ca. 10% of solvent
surface already has a very professional look

A’ s comment: “what a pitty it will be under water most time”

One more pass to go (maybe after a 400grit/wet grinding pass – depends on timing)


a bit more of varnishing (daggerboard)

aaand … (big drum roll …)

the first name sticker applied !!! (see top right)


Last Thursday Paul & I went on a big shopping tour for hardware, spars, sail, bouyancy bags and all

3) still waiting for responses from IODA re registration procedure and from the measurement official re date for first measuring of the hull